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Maintenance services

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Warranty maintenance


We offer a 2 year warranty on the market for new equipment, servicing throughout entire country, and a very effective supply of spare parts. All procedures are performed following the quality management system standards ISO 9001:2000.


Post-warranty Maintenance


Once the warranty maintenance is over, we provide further crane maintenance services: we repair, modernize, service, provide spare parts.


Crane Maintenance


We perform:


  • evaluation of the state of cranes, provide suggestions on how to improve the state of cranes
  • preventive maintenance
  • continual maintenance in order to ensure reliability of equipment



Repair and Erection of Cranes


“Strėlė Industrial” – long term experience in repairing and erecting portal, frame, tower and bridge type cranes.


A permit issued by Technical Supervision Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour enables erection of portal cranes with the load-lifting capacity not exceeding 100 t, and bridge type cranes with the load-lifting capacity not exceeding 50 t.


Repair of lifting equipment may be performed both at owner’s premises and at production base of “Strėlė Industrial”.


Cranes are repaired by experienced welders, fitters and electricians having good professional skills. Only certified materials of high quality may be used for repair.

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